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Massage connects your mind with your body and allows you to release negative emotions that your physical self has been harbouring, sometimes unknowingly. By bringing the body back into balance, you will be better able to cope with the challenges of day-to-day life.

Tantra is a form of sacred sexuality from the Hindu culture, a 5,000 year old tradition. Tantric massage can be used to heighten all the senses by activating the pleasure centres of the body. When the pleasure receptors in the body are engaged, our inner awareness expands.Tantric massage strokes are done very slowly and sensuously to allow you to explore your senses and become fully present in your whole body, it incorporates all your senses, from your sense of sound, smell, imagination, to your sense of touch. A blissful feeling of relaxation is produced; increased circulation is another benefit of tantric massage which allows more oxygen and nutrients to your whole body. During your tantric massage another benefit is that the release of endorphins is stimulated, the body's natural 'feel good' chemicals, which also allowa sense of well being, so as well as a physical contentment, our tantric therapy massage will leave your mind and spirit rejuvenated too.


Sensory massage typically aims to engage as many sensesas possible (which explains the standard-issue scented oil, flickering candlelight, and soft music); but try blocking one of them out. "Anytime you restrict one sense, the other four instantly become magnified to compensate," says Gardos, Ph.D., founder of mypleasure.com, an online adult toy store.

Eliminate sight by wearing a blindfold while you rub him down. "When you can't see, you don't know what will happen next, which heightens excitement," Gardos says. Or block out sound by nixing the soft music and instituting a "no talking" rule. Taking a vow of silence and communicating solely through touch lets you focus completely on how you feel.


Sure, your hands are master massage tools, but other body parts can add a surprising twist to the experience. "Your body is composed of different shapes and textures, so massaging with those can elicit totally new responses," Carle says. "Forearms provide wider strokes, pointy elbows become kneading tools, and breasts and hair double as soft and sensual brushes."

When you're doing the pampering, slather your boobs and stomach with body lotion and slide them up and down his back. Then turn him over and straddle him, dusting your hair across his chest to elicit shivers.


Taoist Erotic Tantric Massage a mysterious touch of seduction.

Together with Aphrodite you will gently share breathing, imagery, body movement and awareness exercises. She focuses on your needs and desires using this specific form of massage - erotic and esoteric. With a full body touch this powerful practice can evolve and integrate body, mind, spirit and emotions. Aphrodite uses her naked body, DD/E breasts and hands to invite you into the Art of a sexual and sensual healing.

Taoist Erotic Tantra massage is a spiritual, erotic practice that stimulates and spreads erotic energy throughout your body for the benefit of you as a whole. She does the massage with an attitude of harmony and gentleness. Everything is approached slowly and with awareness of what is taking place. Tao and Tantra are a beautiful way to heal wounded sexuality and give you back your body and life. You will be fully present, fully aware...

The more you surrender to the experience, the more you will benefit from it.

Aphrodite will convince you that this Sexual ecstasy is seen as a taste of the divine.




If you are looking for THE ultimate Tantric massage look no further than the beautiful Aphrodite. Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE...& I mean unbelievable. Can honestly say a tantric massage from this goddess is better than sex. Aphrodite teased, caressed & aroused my entire body...teaching me to breath with her until I was totally aware of every single sensual stroke...I have never experienced such an intense orgasm before but will definitely be going back for more...Aphrodite left me in the most content, blissful state to tackle the rest of my working week...all I can say is treat yourself...she really is worth it!!



For a mind, body, spirit experience Asha is the ONE. She has a slender flexible body packed with great energy and with breathe, soft music, fragrant warm oils and her supple hands and body she will take you through a transforming massage and help you reach new heights in the orgasmic experience. Asha's amazing body and breasts are a turn on in themselves but coupled with these techniques the whole package is mind blowing; her only focus is your experience. Pampering you with tenderness and care, she will take you on a journey you will never forget, fine tuning your senses till you experience pure ecstasy and bliss. Asha is a stunning Nordic goddess, waist length blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful soft fair skin with a fabulous hour glass size 8 figure and DD cup breasts that you just want to touch. When she wraps that body around yours you will know you have found heaven!




I have to say that the massage I had with Asha was sensational!! Asha's not only absolutely gorgeous but she has an extremely relaxed, gentle approach so any apprehensive feelings I had were completely gone within the first 5 minutes of meeting her. She is a truly gifted masseuse with a perfect balance of soft & firm touch & a well developed sense of body. I was able to let go & completely give over to her touch. She teased, & played & then took me on an intensely erotic tantric journey of unbelievable sensations. Her magic hands delicately caressed..calmly at first then a little more intense & unbelievably sensual...peaks and valleys with the intensity building up to the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced...totally out of this world!! Am looking forward to the next "Asha" experience very very soon!!


Cara (The total package should not to be missed)


If you passed Cara's in the street, her exotic looks and her busty figure would definitely cause you to look over your shoulder to get a second, enticing look. She is one of those rare young women to be blessed with gorgeous looks, a buxom, curvy figure size 10-12 and intelligence. Her south East Asian blood mixed with her European ethnicity has resulted in her having the best, most striking and attractive features of both races. She stands at 5'4", with a natural E cup bust.

Cara is one of the most professional and highly qualified massage therapists on the books of Magic Fingers. But that is not to say that she won't lend her talents to erotic massage - in fact, she tells us that of all the different styles of massage that she performs on both men and women, the erotic massage with 'happy ending' is the one she finds the most satisfying. She tells us that as she kneads and pummels the aches and pains from her clients muscles,she can literally see and feel the effect of the power from her hands and arms as she relaxes and teases the bodies of her clients into those warm feelings of wellbeing, relieved finally to be absent of their aches and pains.Although Cara has only recently joined our staff of masseuses, she is already one of the most popular, hard working ladies amongst our staff and regular clientele. She has a likeable and willing to please type of personality, plus a cheeky humour that becomes apparent the longer you spend with her.

To make an appointment to spend time with the gorgeous and talented Cara, all you have to do is to call (02) 9319 1287




I am an avid connoisseur of the erotic massage and it was with some trepidation that I booked a 'happy ending' massage with Cara. She is young, gorgeous, buxom and has the most sexy curvy figure that I've ever had the good fortune to stroke - she got more than her share of brains and looks when they were handed out, that's for sure! And the massage together with her sensual touch and friendly attitude, has forced me to review my opinions on avoiding the most beautiful of masseuses. Cara will be booking you again you were fantastic! Fred Wollstonecraft.

Hello my name is Mia, I am a Tantra Practitioner.

I'd like to say that Tantra has always been part of who I am as a person. As a Tantra therapist I have had the pleasure to give the tools to clients for the last 7 years and after having done a few courses and learning from the best in the field I have come to learn that there is one safe and profound way to sensuality ... and that is found in the art of touching.

A "cell touched with a sensual healing power is a healthy cell and trust me there is no one cell that goes UNTOUCHED in my Tantric sessions. Tantra sensual massage is beyond the physical... is a touch that tickles your soul, empowers the mind and helps the body heal in the safe world of soft music and pure sensuality.

Most people love to be touched... sensually seduced and pleasantly and erotically teased... There are many forms of touch but the purest without a doubt, apart from the mothers love to her babies is sensual healing form.

When this energy is matched and balanced correctly through a loving surrender with a partner, the sparks fly. In that moment of sensual embrace and energy exchange, you may experience cosmic bliss.

Creating an intimate resonance with your sensual energy will give the fire that invokes joy and authentic expression of your true self, the self that is fully integrated in mind/body/spirit.

Your liberating Tantric Session, like yoga and meditation, focuses on the raising of the Kundalini from the chakra at the base of the spine to the chakra in the crown of the head awakening a powerful transformative and ecstatic energy.

Your journey has the capacity to wash away your deepest tensions, release your misunderstandings about your true nature, and to expand the flow of creative energy and consciousness within.

I will be honored to support you on your journey of Tantra!

I offer 2 different packages

Package A: 2hr session split

First hr. a full nude yoga session this will stretch all the tense muscles. (Recommended for the traveller)

Second hr. and after a quick shower you will be treated to a Tantra session

Package B: 1hr. Tantra Session (please note that my experience shows that 1 hr session is never enough but if you are able to surrender and let go this could work for you)



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