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Erotic Massage Service in Sydney

Massage Direct to your Door

Magic Fingers can deliver your masseuse directly to the door of your home or hotel in Sydneys CBD and throughout the suburbs. Whether you need a relaxing massage in the privacy of your hotel room, or a sports massage treatment before/after the game, deep tissue treatment after an injury or a long flight, all you need to do is make a phone call and we will take care of the rest. The skilled and specialized touch of our professional massage therapists will help your body to recover after a stressful day.

Body to Body Slides
Massage for Couples
Males for Males Massage
Girls for Girls Massage
Males for Females Massage
Sensual and Sexy Massage
Tantric Massage
4 Hands Massage
Water Seduction Massage
Erotic Asian Massage
Prostate Massage
Erotic Japanese Massage
Erotic Review Fantasy Story

Magic Fingers Massage in Sydney is the only service that brings the sensuality of erotic massage to you in the comfort and privacy of your home or hotel. Just one call and a gorgeous masseuse will immediately be with you in the place you want ready to turn your fantasies into reality.

The descriptions of each type of massage will give you a general idea of what is included in the various sessions. We design every massage to be perfect for each individual client. Our friendly, experienced and very sexy masseuses will provide a pampering massage that will intensify your senses and take you paradise.

Body to Body Slides

Massage is an excellent therapy for eliminating the aches, pains and stresses of modern day living. Now experience the ancient art of massage with the excitement of full body to body slides.

Our beautiful ladies will spoil and pamper you with the indescribable sensation of soft oiled skin on skin. As her body slides over yours you will feel all tension flow out of your body. You will feel warmth and a blissful sense of relaxation spreading from head to toes. The sensual touch of a beautiful womans body surrounds you with a feeling of wellbeing and mental and physical peace.

A beautiful lady sliding over you, naked body to naked body creates an intense intimacy that is extremely erotic. As the healing energy works to stimulate and revitalize you will experience ever increasing sexual pleasure culminating in a mind blowing release as you reach your very happy ending.


Body to Body Slides

1 Hour in Body Paradise $280

90 Minutes of Pure Provocation $400

2 Hours of Intimate Climactic Contact $550


For the gentleman who likes to give as much as receive

There can be nothing more erotic than mutual pleasure. Most guys would secretly like to massage their masseuses in a session of body to body....now you can, some of our lovely ladies are happy to participate in this extra steamy service for mutual satisfaction.

The lady of your choice will give you a sexy massage for half of the session and then you can turn the tables..... a double entendre in a fashion; pleasure both ways, or you can massage each other at the same time. If this incorporated with a Water Seduction massage as well it can be the ultimate in an intimate experience, you can use your hands or body to massage, the technique is not as important as your creative input and your intention to give pleasure.

You may also learn valuable skills to enhance your personal sex life as sensual massage is a great way to seduce your lady.


1 Hour of Ancient Art $320

90 Minutes of Eastern Eroticism $450

2 Hours of Nuru Arousal $600


Erotic Massage for Couples

An erotic massage for couples, provided by an experienced masseuse of your choice, is an extremely sensual, intimate & satisfying way to help you & your partner feel more connected sexually & spiritually.

The essence of our couples massage is to stimulate, invigorate & provide both partners with that something special sometimes needed to keep the passion alive in a relationship...all in the relaxed surroundings of your own home or hotel room.

A couple massage is a great way to spice up your sex life whether you would like to try something a little different to stimulate your sexual connection or you are looking for some tips on how to bring each other to the highest point of sexual arousal before intercourse or even instead of intercourse. Sharing the experience of a slow but sensual, hot & heady erotic massage with your partner is an incredibly intense way to reach orgasm for both parties.

We take great care to ensure your time with one of our masseuses is spent in the most fulfilling way possible ...everyone is different & has different reasons for booking a "couple massage so we take the time to listen to your expectations then do our best to meet them. The art of a couples massage centres around both partners enjoying the experience together, being next to each other & being able to engage in their own acts of touching & sensual connection depending on where the massage takes them.

Some alternatives to a simultaneous sensual body massage are:

*A male partner may like to watch whilst his female partner receives the massage

*Each person may like to have a full massage separately whilst watching each other

*Each person may like to assist & participate in the massage of their partner

How you & your partner choose to enjoy this special service is entirely up to you ...relax, open your mind & enjoy....thats what its ultimately all about....letting yourselves indulge a fantasy or two & having fun.



1 Hour of Passion Alive Again $450

90 Minutes of Hot & Heady eroticism $660

2 Hours of Unification Sensually & Spiritually $880

Special Winter Sizzling Hot Oil Massage

We invite you to abandon your thoughts and enter your body senses. Sizzling Winter extra warming nude massage will be effortless on your part and you will be transported in timeless moments of erotic daze. Our bodies are naturally wired for ecstasy, especially in the colder months, so using special warming oils on the skin can be invigorating. Our sense of touch, unlike the other senses, grows more acute with age, as does our ability to enjoy it.

You have the choice of our finest massage oils in the Sizzling Warming flavours included that will absolutely blow you away: musk, butterscotch, toffee apple, caramel, rich chocolate or French vanilla.

Say "Yes" to sizzling warm pleasure! Sensual Erotic Warming Massage will elevate your pleasure ceiling. If you experience boredom and routine in your life, we recommend you a regular dosage of touch - the sensual, no-pressure, warm oil kind of touch. We suggest you schedule some time to explore the full body sensuality. We are running a special price for Winter so you save $$$$.


Make sure you mention to the receptionist when you call!

+61 2 9319 1287



1 Hour of Slide into Heaven $320 now $300

90 Minutes of Hot, Hot, Hot Oil $450 now $420

2 Hours of Oily Spanish Goodness $600 now $570


Erotic Japanese Style Massage

The most erotic of the Japanese style of massage is sometimes known as Nuru. It is often described as the most intimate of massage techniques.

Should you be familiar with the term Nuru we know you will immediately associate it with mysticism and connections to pleasure, well-being, massage and eroticism. Although the origins of this ancient art are somewhat cloudy, this form of massage did originate in Japan. Until recently it has only been available in the Far East, however now it is starting to become more known and available in the Western world.

We have masseuses who are expert in this art ladies who will dedicate your booking time to your massage and intense sexual arousal and pleasure - if you are a first timer with Nuru massage, you are in for a serious treat.

As is good pre-massage etiquette, a good therapist will always recommend you have a thorough hot shower if time allows, chances are that she will join you in this shower to assist you but also to start building the intimacy that it is best to have between a client and massage therapist for this sort of service. She will then dry you and ask you to lay down on your front. The ambience should be perfect. Gentle relaxing music should play in the background, and she will have lit aromatic candles to lightly scent the room. The session will start with a tantric style massage that will increase your skins sensitivity and response to her touch. As she adds warm aromatherapy oils, your bodys journey to arousal will be steadily building under her confident touch. She will steadily increase the pressure with which she touches you, and the expectations of your body will seem to increase in sync with that touch. Suddenly you realise that it is not just her strong hands that are firmly rubbing your back she is using her entire body to glide over yours and rub against you in an exceptionally intimate way, and you become aware of your sex drive as it courses through every artery, vein and capillary, spreading the sensations of pleasurable eroticism to every corner of your body.

When she asks you to turn over, this intimacy is not only continued but actually heightened by the vision of your masseuse, her body slick with its own coating of oils, as she continues to rub against you, her breasts against your own nipples one moment and against your crotch and genitals the next. She forces you to remain on your back and you find the anticipation that is building almost unbearable as she firmly retains the control she has over you.

Just when you think you cant take the sensations a moment longer, your masseuse will commence with the penis or lingam massage, ie the crescendo of your Nuru. With more of the warmed oil which she applies liberally to both you and herself, the masseuse uses her body upon your own but this time she also massages your testicles, scrotum and entire genital area with her palms and probing fingers. At this point you will feel yourself near orgasm, but the experienced masseuse will sense this and bring you back from that precipice several times each time heightening your sensation and anticipation of the flood to come.

When she finally allows your released explosion, you will afterwards not only remember the intensity of your powerful orgasm but may also notice several physical improvements to your well being or aches and pains that you may have been experiencing.

The Nuru form of massage is steadily gaining in popularity here in the west, although it is not yet widely available in Australia. Call the ladies of Magic Finger Massage to make an appointment for this remedial and highly enjoyable therapeutic massage come on, there arent too many things in this life that are both this good for you and that feel this great!


Nuru Massage is taking Asia by storm and now its available in Australia, if you never tried one you are missing out.


Erotic Japanese Style Massage

1 Hour of Ancient Art $320

90 Minutes of Eastern Eroticism $450

2 Hours of Nuru Arousal $600

Erotic Water Seduction Massage

The Erotic Water Seduction Massage is breathtaking. This massage is tailored to the individual that would like to experience the wonder of the cleansing sensuality and calming quality that water can have, coupled together with Erotic Tantric Massage.

Once your masseuse has arrived and you have been introduced, she will invite you to join her in a bath/shower depending on what is available. The masseuse will enter with you and begin gently cleansing, seducing and massaging your body all over with the water enveloping you. This creates a sensual, blissful state of mind and when you both decide it is time, she will help you depart the water and gently pat you down in preparation for the next step.

You will be taken to the bed where you will be asked to lay on your front. The massage will then continue a very sensual captivating tantric massage. It begins with very delicate touch then your masseuse will pour some rich tantric oils across your body and she will skillfully commence. As the massage progresses, she begins very sensual close contact body to body massage, where she will grace and slide her body across your front and back covered in the sensual oils. Skillfully transferring energy between you and building your desire, while stress relieving your muscles.

At the crescendo of the massage she will oil and massage your lingam (penis). This is a skilful process whereby the masseusegauges your responses and draws out the experience building the excitement. This will ultimately bring you to the point where you are prepared for a most breathtaking release!

After the dizzying heights of climax, your masseuse will then help you through to the shower again to de-oil your entire body, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. The whole experience will leave you with your body and mind completely revitalized.


Erotic Water Seduction Massage

1 Hour of Sensual H20 $380

90 Minutes of Satisfying Sensual $560

2 Hours of Fit for Poseidon $740


Girls for Girls Erotic Massage

If you are looking to treat yourself to something a little different but definitely self-indulgent then an erotic massage for a woman, provided by a woman, can be one of the most sensual, pleasurable & fulfilling experiences you could experience.

Many woman are curious when it comes to experiencing any kind of intimate encounter with another woman but, perhaps, a little nervous about jumping straight into a full sexual service. An erotic, sensual massage is a wonderful way to explore those feelings without any fixed concept on the outcome.

An erotic massage is a very personal experience & our masseuses understand this. You may wish to stay within your own comfort zone or venture out ...that is entirely at your discretion...all you need to do is lie back, relax & let the experience take you on a slow, sensual, stimulating journey...gentle yet strong hands working their way over your body releasing your tensions, stimulating all your senses, fulfilling your every need & ultimately leaving you feeling totally satisfied & relaxed.


Erotic Water Seduction Massage

1 Hour of Pure Abandonment $280

90 Minutes of Goddess Worship $410

2 Hours of Gratuitous Surrender $550

Male Masseurs for Male Massage

Magic Fingers offers the expertise of an experienced male massage therapist offering an intimate sensual full body massage to male clients. Typically, both the masseur and the client are unclothed during the session which allows him to include delicious slippery body to body contact throughout the massage. The male masseurs do not ignore the erogenous zones.

You will be asked to lay face down on the full size professional massage table or bed. Warmed massage oil will be liberally applied all over your shoulders, back, buttocks and legs. Your masseuse also oils the front of his own body before getting on the table and straddling your back. This position not only allows him to get his weight behind the hand massage strokes but also allows him to use his torso, buttocks and thighs to add a slippery body to body experience to your session. The masseur then kneels on the table between your legs and performs slow, firm strokes all the way up from your feet to your shoulders and all the way back in one sweeping movement.

Once turned over, the backrest can be raised slightly to your preference to give you a comfortable semi-reclining position so you can watch as he slowly massages the front of your torso, arms, feet, legs etc. The session normally concludes with a very expert, slow and tantalising Happy Ending.



1 Hour of Boyish Sensuality $280

90 Minutes of Masculine Sensitivity $400

2 Hours of Male Eroticism $550

Males for Females Massage

An erotic massage for Woman, delivered by one of our handsome, qualified Male masseuses is especially for the Woman who wants to experience a unique, sensual, intimate service in the privacy of her own home or hotel.

A massage is designed to relax, cleanse the body & mind but an "erotic massage will do all that and so much more. An Erotic Massage is designed to awaken all your senses focusing on slowly stimulating, arousing & awakening your sexuality culminating with one of the most satisfying climatic endings you could experience your own personal happy ending.

We take the utmost care to make sure we fulfil your ultimate expectations discussing where your boundaries lie & offer suggestions so as to make this as personal & enjoyable as possible.this is about YOU so take the time out of your normal day to day responsibilities back, relax & enjoy we all deserve a little self-indulgence sometimes.



1 Hour of Intimate Pampering $280

90 Minutes of Body & Mind Luxury $400

2 Hours of Slow Sensual Awakening $550

Prostate Massage

The prostate gland (sometimes referred to as the male g-spot or sacred spot) is a man's emotional and sexual centre. With prostate cancer statistics the way they are these days, you cannot afford to ignore your prostate - like most other parts of the body, it needs to be exercised in order to stay healthy. And the best way for it (and as a consequence, you) to stay healthy is to use your prostate - and the most enjoyable way to use it is to have enhanced sexual orgasms with the combined benefits of massage and sexual pleasure. Your health will benefit from prostate massage, both internally and externally.

At Magic Fingers, we have a number of skilled and highly trained ladies who can safely provide this massage which is not only intensely erotic but also beneficial to your health. These massage therapists will ensure that you are firstly completely relaxed by drawing you a warm bath, followed by some sensuous massage that slowly leads to your groin and inner thighs. Once your masseuse feels that you are in the 'right zone' and properly relaxed, she will commence rubbing, touching and stroking your prostate externally via the perineum area (the skin between your scrotum and anus), trying different pressures and touches on you. With her other hand she will be stroking other parts of your body for additional arousal.

Slowly at first she will insert her fingers to further tease your prostate, but internally this time with only a thin membrane between her fingers and your highly sensitive gland. They will use massage oil or lubricant to ensure safe anal play. The pleasure of this internal touch will cause you to erupt - and as your masseuse presses still further upon your prostate, you will feel your orgasm's sharp intensity and an ejaculation that seems to go on and on. . . . a prostate induced orgasm is an incredible release and much more profound than experienced in most male orgasms.

A prostate orgasm takes you to a whole other level and is undoubtedly one of the best and most enjoyable things you can do for your general and sexual health.


Prostate Delights For Men Only


There are several kinds of sex toys that are made specifically for men. These male sex toys fall into several different types:

One of the most popular kinds of male sex toy is - the prostate massager.

Stimulation of the prostate is one of the most intense pleasures a man can experience, and there are a number of different varieties of these available. Some are motorised, making them a type of vibrator, while others are basically specialised dildos. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and there's bound to be at least one that's right for you.



1 Hour of Sexual Zone Healing $350

90 Minutes of Male Erogenous $500

2 Hours of Profound Climax $670



Erotic Lap Dance Massage


Newly available at Magic Fingers is an erotic session combining a provocative lap dance and sensual massage.

If you are the type of gentleman who can appreciate the intricate choreography and graceful agility of a well-delivered lap dance, you may well want to be seated in front of one of our professional dancers who will go above, and beyond, to ensure you have the best time possible. These are a few sexy ladies with the kind of suggestive moves that will make your jaw hit the floor.


With the intention of casting a potent pleasure spell sure to transport you both to ecstasy, one of our hot dancers, dressed in only French lingerie and high heels, will pour you a drink before the lap dance begins. While you kick back with some fine liquor, this gorgeous woman will flaunt all she has purely for your viewing pleasure. In a slow rhythmic fashion, shewillsensually tease and titillate you so it seems sitting in that chair you are the centre of a red-hot universe. Her hips will rouse you into such a state of excitement you will find hard to contain yourself, hard being the operative word.


Before too long you'll be imagining your hands all over her hot writhing body. And when you think you can't take it anymore, your temptress will remove her lacy bra and panties, and then while only wearing her stilettos, she'll begin to grind against your thigh as she presses against you. At this stage, if you have already booked for the massage your Masseuse will lead you to the bedroom for special treatment. Or if not already booked for the massage, you can decide to take things a bit further and pay the extra. Do you like to be teased to the point of orgasm several times and then have your every need met?

The erotic lap dance can be combined with any of the massage services listed in our Menu, be it Nuru style, Tantric, Water Seduction, Prostate Massage .... or any other that best suits your needs. Adding any selected massage service to your erotic lap dance incurs only an extra $50 charge, so why not treat yourself to this deeply satisfying, luxurious, provocative and sexy dance in your/her lap?


Then again if you truly want to spoil yourself why not try two dancers/masseuses together for double the pleasure.


We recommend you book in advance for this in-demand service on (02) 9319 1287 or 0410 043 330



Erotic Lap Dance Massage

1 Hour of Pleasure Lap Dance $330

90 Minutes of The Provocative Dance $450

2 Hours of Peace & Happiness $600

Treat your staff: mobile masseuses to visit your workplace

Feeling tired, stressed and a little bit 'achy'?

Welcome to Body Business Mobile Therapeutic Massage.

As more and more of us find ourselves living increasingly sedentary lives both at home and in the workplace, the majority of us are familiar with that stiff and sore feeling across our shoulders, neck and backs at the end of a long day in front of a computer. It's not good for blood circulation and can lead to tension headaches, rounded shoulders and bad posture. But you needn't feel this way - the male and female massage therapists of Magic Fingers can come to you in your workplace to soothe you're your and your colleague's muscles.

The massage service that they offer in your work setting is professional, beneficial and can actually help employees to perform their duties better. There would be no disruption in your workplace (except from envious colleagues!). You wouldn't even have to leave your office - all you have to do is to provide the towels!



We Come To You!

In today's pressurized society the busy executive is spending longer hours in the
office. Help is now at hand to combat the additional stress and tension this can give rise to.

The beautiful ladies of Magic Fingers can be in your office in minutes to minister to your needs with a sensationally erotic massage.

There are different styles of massage available which our experienced masseuses can provide with the session tailored to suit your individual taste and preference. Whichever type of massage you are interested in your Magic Fingers lady will pamper you from top to toe with their highly sensual touch and very sexy oiled body slides. Every part of your body will experience the intense sensations of skin to skin contact until the lady's attentions deliver the exquisite pleasure of an orgasmic happy ending.

The ladies come equipped with towel, oils, a portable massage table if required and their magic fingers. All you need supply is your stressed body ready for sweet relief.


I believe office executives have never been busier and more stressed in the highly competitive world of business. I'm only 40 years old but some days feel 60.

Time - I just never seem to have enough of it. Yesterday I had a throbbing headache and stiff neck from too many hours in front of my computer. I came across an advert for a mobile massage service. I rang the number and to mysurprise, it couldn't have been simpler to make a booking. In less than thirty minutes, a striking young European woman was setting up her massage table in my office. And she sure did have magic fingers - with surprising strength in her hands she set about kneading the tense muscles in my neck and across my shoulders - it was almost painful but at the same time felt oh-so-good - the young lady certainly knew what she was doing. Fantastic and discrete service plus user friendly: one phone call and your masseuse arrives ready, willing and able. And at the conclusion of the booking I really did feel 10 foot tall, my headache had vanished and I felt relaxed like I haven't been in years. My mind felt clear and my afternoon of important meetings no longer felt so daunting. For a time-poor executive such as me, this is great service and I'll definitely be dialling the Magic Fingers phone number again!




(Table provided on request $30)

1 Hour of Executive Stress Release $300

90 Minutes of Decision-making Sensuality $420

2 Hours of Forget the Objective $570


Heavenly Chocoholics Massage

Afraid to try something new? Don't be! Too old to try something new? No you're not! With our Chocolate Fantasy massage you can try something new with the comfort of familiar and delicious taste sensations! And with our Chocolate Fantasy massage you can have your wine and women together as our sauces are made with the finest ingredients, including real liqueurs.

Our Chocolate Fantasy massage combines your choice of one of our elite masseuses with your choice of one, or more, of our delicious edible body sauce/oil flavours, for a delectable and sumptuous sensual feast.

If you have even an ounce of fun and adventure about you, you will love the opportunity to pour a layer of this scrumptious body sauce/oil on your lady and go from there!

Have one flavour at a time or mix several for different sensations. Squeeze the sauce/oil directly from the bottle and slip and slide with your lady, or finger paint like never before.

These scented body oils are not for the faint hearted - they are for the true chocoholics. They turn the body into a mind blowingly sensual dessert.

Chocolate, liqueur, strawberries, champagne, soft music, candlelight, scented oils, gentle hands and a sexy lady.....there's just one thing missing....YOU!

Picture yourself, with a tub of chocolate and liqueur body paint, scented oil and your beautiful paramour. This super sexy sensation is an incredibly stimulatory experience.

You can taste the real flavours, while at the same time pouring it on, finger painting with it, tickling and tormenting with it.

Let the mood be your guide when you book your Chocolate Delights massage with our friendly receptionists at Magic Fingers on (02) 9319 1287 or 0410 043330. Don't forget to let them know what flavour you would like....or if you would like multiple flavours ;)


Heavenly Chocoholics Massage

1 Hour of Sensory Perception $320
90 Minutes of Body Candy $450
2 Hours of Delightful Dessert $600






The very sensual Body to Body Massage with Oral makes you feel as if you are under a spell, where physical limitations dissolve, time fades away and worries no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.


Once your Masseuse/Masseur arrives at your home or hotel, and the formalities are out of the way, they will begin applying soft and firm touch in your stressed, overwrought and sensitive areas using delicious oils. Your energy flow is motivated and senses awakened as your sensitivity gradually increases throughout your whole body.


You will feel relaxed, yet wide awake, as you sink into a deeper level of relaxation. During this extraordinary encounter you will be completely pampered; providing you with a feeling of comfort and a sense of sanctuary. This unparalleled sensation has been described by some as if they were "walking on clouds". Prolonged arousal will intensify your enjoyment through a combination of exquisite caresses including Nude Body to Body contact where they use their body to massage yours.


This isn't a "rub and tug" massage, the pinnacle of orgasm is a very powerful, sacred element of the treatment. Once you are relaxed and at ease and ready to enjoy the pleasure of a more intimate touch to a point of release then your Masseuse/Masseur will engage oral gratification.


After such a powerful experience it is imperative to conclude with some very light gentle massage to stroke and calm the body and help ground you again. Spoil yourself today!



(SLIPPERY FRENCH, masseuse using her mouth to stimulate genitals)

1 Hour of Slippery Sensuality $350

90 Minutes of Paradise in Mind $500

2 Hours of Exceptional French Connection $600


Erotic Asian Massage

You are warm, comfortable, totally relaxed and away from the daily stress of life.. You ask yourself, "How can I make this dream come true? Why would you need to travel abroad to an Asian Country when our staff of professional Asian massage therapists are trained and highly experienced in the art? Oriental massage has become popular in the West over the past few decades, and that popularity does not look as if it will abate anytime soon.

No matter which massage style you require just close your eyes and imagine floating on a cloud. You are at your place in a very secure, peaceful surrounding when a lovely Asian Massage therapist arrives with her amazing sensual touch. Once she has finished caressing your body with her warm sensual massage oil our sexy Asian escort can treat you with a selection of other highly pleasurable experiences to fulfill your desires.

If its a body to body massage you are looking for, Asian escorts with their often submissive nature and eagerness to please can be the ideal choice. And if you are looking for a massage in the Sydney area then you certainly have a fine selection to choose from.

The richness of tradition and the relaxing qualities make these Asian massage ladies irresistible. Add to the equation the promotion of spiritual calm and healing, and it is no wonder an overworked West enjoys the wonders of the Oriental massage.


At Magic Fingers Massage we pride ourselves in providing classy, committed and truly client focused Asian Massage therapists who are all experts in erotic massage.



1 Hour of Oriental Pleasure $270

90 Minutes of Asian Sensuality $400

2 Hours of Eastern Body Bliss $500

Four Hand Massage

Our Four hands massage is performed by two Goddesses. A similar experience such as the Tantric or Body to Body massage, only with twice the effect, and twice pleasure! A truly calming and enlightening experience of four heavenly hands, twenty fingers massaging your body and soul into Tantric ecstasy!

In a regular massage you can keep track of the movement of the hands. In a four hands massage the mind simply can't follow all the motion of the hands any longer and consequently 'gives up' allowing you to completely relax. By surrendering to this sublime symphony of healing and pleasure created by four hands working together in perfect harmony, you are able to reach a state of complete relaxation. This is a magnificent and rewarding experience.

Receiving a sensual massage at the hands of two beautiful women is the ultimate luxury. Whether you deserve this attention because of the hard work/stress you've been under, or simply because you want to treat yourself on a spiritual level. Having an erotic massage with two ladies will certainly leave you reinvigorated and spiritually calm, ready to take on the world again. Four hands massage is Heaven on earth, simply put.




1 Hour of Make Life Extraordinary $560

90 Minutes of Uber-Pampering $820

The 2 Hour Carpe Diem $1100


The Nuru massage - literally it's the most dynamic and most sexy erotic massage, the new sensual body slide and gliding, is extremely intimate. The beautiful masseuse uses her full naked body, to slide over your body, by using tactile sensual skills will give immense pleasure as you have never experienced before.


You may have seen certain Nuru videos and read the descriptions on sites but this very erotic body to body healing is something that needs to be tried rather than watched or read about. There is no substitute for a real Masseuse with real hands.

The enjoyment starts from the very commencement when the sensual gel is applied all over your body. The masseuse then slowly and skilfully spreads the gel using her hands and body. Nuru gel does not contain any substances that are harmful to the skin. In fact the gel is made from organic seaweed and aloe, it's very healthy for your skin - it also feels great.


The Masseuse will incorporate deep tissue techniques to warm your muscles and to relax your mind. This intimate encounter will then start to take on an even more erotic side, gliding close to your most intimate areas. The sensations that this brings will feel fantastic.

Your blood pressure drops, you will feel relaxed, worries will disappear, the excitement highly increased, as the goddess uses her silky soft body and feminine curves to stimulate every part of your body.

Gliding and sliding, using the slippery gel, a true amazing full body pleasure, lots of teasing and foreplay this gel is really something else. Very slippery and smooth, will probably be the most sexy massage and you will enjoy double the pleasure and double the fun.



1 Hour of Ancient Art $320

90 Minutes of Eastern Eroticism $450

2 Hours of Nuru Arousal $600



So you'd like an aphrodisiac erotic massage huh? But isn't the massage the aphrodisiac you say? Well, we here at Magic Fingers would like to suggest a little extra kick. How about some.....

**Spanish Surprise with that erotic massage**

Your masseuse will arrive, and with her will be her little kit of goodness and fun, in which she will have some Spanish Surprise.

Just a few drops of Surprise when your lovely masseuse arrives, and you will find yourself in a very short time feeling more energetic and with an increased interest in pleasure It lets you be mischievous and naughty........

You will also enjoy a faster sexual response time and ultimately a more intense and longer orgasm. And who doesn't want a more intense and longer orgasm......happy days indeed with happy ending.

So here's to forgetting the boring past, and setting sail to wilder times.

And with new found wind in your sails, you might even be tempted to keep your masseuse for a little bit more fun.

*Our Spanish drops are 100% herbal and completely safe and legal.




1 Hour of Libacious Libido $330

90 Minutes of Flying to Spain $450

2 Hours of Magnified Provocation $650


A slight twist on the usual body to body massage


For your light bondage massage your masseuse will blindfold and gently tie you up, or handcuff you with velvety cuffs....exquisite surrender and pleasure.


Surrounded by soft music and the sound of the gentle breath of your masseuse you will be taken to a level of intense relaxation through subtle sensory deprivation and restraint.


Scented warming oils to stimulate your senses, a soft brushing of your body with fingertips and feathers, then the immersion of skin on skin, the gradual slowing down of your thoughts, during this massage you will be plunged into a world of pure feeling without distraction.


As your masseuse ever so slowly slides her body over yours, you will experience a deep release of tension, a rising of desire and absolute and overwhelming gratification.


If you desire she can deliver a light spanking to up the ante a bit, introducing a little more excitement to your experience, as light or hard as you crave.

Take a plunge into the realm of surprising and unexpected.

Foot Fetish Massages

Have you ever given or received a "foot job"?

The ultimate Foot Fetish fantasy experience.

Magic Fingers "Foot Fetish Massage" involves a slow sensual, erotic massage provided by a Masseuse of your choice, and performed barefoot, wearing stockings, pantyhose, high heels or boots. (Or, for something a little more hardcore, your Foot Fetish Masseuse can add a little "pain" to your "pleasure" ....with simple pressure techniques applied heeled or barefooted!)

Sensual Foot Massage, Foot Worship, Foot Licking (all services can be either given or received), finishing with a mind blowing "Foot Job".

You will get carried away, slowly kissing my feet and toes, and love every moment!


1 Hour of Foot's of Fantasy $350

90 Minutes of Worship goddess feet $500

2 Hours of Profound Tootsie Tantalising $670



Bondage & Discipline.Fetish Play. Kink. Not services usually synonymous with an intimate, erotic massage ... but at Magic Fingers we like to take things that one step further .... push our own boundaries ... and explore ALL those special services designed purely for your sinful pleasure and satisfaction!


So, if all things kinky are your thing, and you also enjoy the sensuality of a luxurious erotic massage, why not take a look at our very exciting new selection of massages styles - designed especially for those who want to take that step out of the square, and explore domination in a more sensual, sensory way.


Sensual Body to Body Fantasy Games Massage:


A "Sensual Body to Body Fantasy Games Massage" is a great introduction to the sensual side of fetish and fantasy. We combine an arousing body to body massage, with some of our milder BDSM games, to slowly stimulate every inch of your body, and mind.

Sessions include: Blindfolding, Tie and Tease, Tease and Denial, Nipple Play, Role Play and Fantasy Whispering.


Tie and Tease Massage:


A "Tie and Tease" massage service's main aim is to allow you to experience the most basic of BDSM services, while sensually stimulating you with massage techniques, prolonging your arousal for as long as possible.

Your personal masseuse restrains you using rope bondage, leather restraints and/ or silk sashes. She then uses her hands to give nice gentle strokes, with silky lube, sex toys, strap-ons and dildos. An intimate, yet extremely kinky service.


BDSM Tantra Massage:


One of the most sensory massage styles available. Our Fetish & Kink massage specialists take great care to ensure all senses are stimulated, then, once you are completely relaxed, they introduce some BDSM practises, little by little, until you are under their total control!

Your masseuse starts by making your environment as "tantric-friendly" as possible. Soft gentle candle lights are spread throughout your room, relaxing music played, and the aromatic smell of the finest incense oils fill the room. Once the right ambience is achieved, your masseuse start slowly massages your entire body, from your head through to your fingers and feet, and everywhere in between.


Once full body and mind relaxation is achieved, she will introduce the BDSM practises of your choice. Making this one massage experience you will never forget!


BDSM services offered for this massage are - Sensual Tickling. Mild Restraints, Strap-on Play, Nipple Play, Face Slapping, Light Spanking, Tease and Denial, Water Sports.




When you think you've tried everything, why not find something new?

Meet our newest World's most expensive"- silicone Princess Dolly.

You have likely heard about this growing phenomena from around the world.

At Magic Fingers, we are giving you the chance to experience it firsthand (without investing thousands of dollars to purchase your own doll).

How does massage work with a doll?

Touch her, tease yourself with her. Use your hands, feet, and imagination to please yourself. This doll has been skilfully crafted to feel exceedingly close to a real woman. Soft, supple skin that has been crafted from silicone to feel just right in temperature and texture.

Fitted with a range of outfits, your every fantasy can be fulfilled.

For unforgettably fun and curiosity call 9319 1287 or 0410 043330 to make arrangements.


Happy Customers

"I just wanted to try it. I've done the whole virtual reality thing and that was cool, but being able to actually touch skin - or something that feels warm and soft like skin - really brings it to the next level." Michael, 27 years old.





When you think you've tried everything, why not find something new?

Meet our newest Worl's most expensive"- silicone Princess Dolly.

You have likely heard about this growing phenomena from around the world.

At Magic Fingers, we are giving you the chance to experience it firsthand (without investing thousands of dollars to purchase your own doll).


How does massage work with a doll?


Touch her, tease yourself with her. Use your hands, feet, and imagination to please yourself. This doll has been skilfully crafted to feel exceedingly close to a real woman. Soft, supple skin that has been crafted from silicone to feel just right in temperature and texture.

Fitted with a range of outfits, your every fantasy can be fulfilled.


For unforgettably fun and curiosity call 9319 1287 or 0410 043330 to make arrangements.



"I just wanted to try it. I've done the whole virtual reality thing and that was cool, but being able to actually touch skin - or something that feels warm and soft like skin - really brings it to the next level." Michael, 27 years old.



We can send you 2 ladies to massage you into blissful nirvana and your second lady will cost you ½ the price for the hour, that doubles the enjoyment! A four-hand massage will leave you mesmerized by the sheer amount of body contact that you experience, if you have never tried it now is your chance.

Just give us a call on 0410 043330 for your newest encounter.