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Is this a sexual service?

This is a sensual service not a sex service. We provide a range of tantric massage sessions, which include intimate contact and touch from the masseuse to your body. Please be aware during the massage though, that the session will become very intimate, but will at no stage offer or provide the opportunity for sexual intercourse. If a full service is something that you would like we can steer you in the direction of another agency that can take very good care of you, just ask!

Where do I have my massage?

We are an outcall service, so the lady comes out to you in your home or hotel and provides the Massage there for you. No need to go out or leave any of your creature comforts. The lady will utilize the facilities around you so no need for concern.

I would like to book a massage. How do I do that?

Making an appointment is simple. Just call us (02) 9319 1287 and arrange the day and time and massage you would like, or alternatively, contact us using the contact form on bookings page. If you do use the contact us form, please include your contact number in case there is a problem with the email (which can happen on rare occasions).

I have never had a massage before what do I expect?

If this is your first erotic tantric massage, we will help you through the entire massage process. Peruse our many and varied options and just choose the one that sounds most appealing to you. Remember, this is total indulgence on your part, so make the most of the session. Pamper yourself a nice warm shower or bath just prior to the massage and prepare your mind by indulging your imagination and expectation.

Do I need to do anything prior to the massage?

The only thing we ask is that your personal hygiene is to an appropriate standard. The massages are very intimate, and the masseuses come in very close contact with all parts of your body, so please make the session a pleasure for them too, and be clean and showered.

What payment do you accept?

With cash on arrival, credit card, foreign currency or direct deposit. If you are paying credit card you will need to have the card on you and your photo ID. If doing direct deposit you will need to be able to email a copy of the receipt to us when you have completed the transaction. If you have foreign currency we need to know so we can work out the exchange for you.

Is all this legal? Am I breaking the law?

It is legal and no you're definitely not breaking the law by seeing a masseuse. In NSW this business is absolutely legal and council regulated.

Do your escorts see clients with disabilities?

Yes, let us know this at the time of the booking so any special arrangements can be made. We want all of our clients to get the most they can out of their massage. We recognise that everyone including the physically and intellectually disabled have sensual needs. We have some wonderful masseuses who will take the time to interact and ensure that such clients receive the stimulation and pleasure that is their right to receive. We have many regular clients that are disabled and enjoy the services of our ladies, so don't be shy to call.

What is so special about the tantric massage?

The massage seeks to accomplish several things. It is not like a typical massage that you can get from your local beauty parlour. The tantric massage aims to bring the receiver to total relaxation. The massage aims to build up, restore and heal specific areas of your inner person, be it sexual, mental or emotional healing. The tantric massage is not a miracle, and doesn't claim any mystical powers, but the whole process works in harmony with the energies within your body to help healing and restoration of many areas.

The tantric massage is also about erotic fantasy and indulgence. It is the pinnacle of sensual pleasure, and seriously, there is nothing like this, and it really is better than sex, as it involves full body orgasm to an extent that you may never have experienced in your life.

Will the masseuse be naked?

The masseuse will be naked during the massage. She may begin the session wearing erotic lingerie, and as the session progresses, she will remove her clothing. This is to heighten the erotic experience

What is a whole body orgasm?

Whole body orgasm is where the entire body enters a blissful state of sensual pleasure. It involves not just one burst of orgasm like you would have during sexual intercourse, but spread across the entire body, multiple times. The masseuse is skilled to know how to bring you to this state of being, and she will use her trained abilities to ensure that you enjoy and ride the peaks of the whole body orgasmic experience

What do I do if I'm running late/early?

Please give us a call to change any arrival times, it is much appreciated. We get a thrown of guard otherwise. WE always endeavor to have your masseuse arrive at you designated abode on time, but remember there is traffic and circumstances out of our control sometimes.

I have a problem to maintain an erection. Is this a problem for the massage?

Most men don't maintain an erection during the entire session. There is no pressure to maintain whatsoever. You will experience other areas of your body that will be concentrated on throughout the massage that will be just an enjoyable. The masseuse is well trained and she will help you when it becomes time for the lingam part of the massage. So all you need to do is relax, and enjoy the experience.

What if I don't have an orgasm?

Orgasm usually does happen, and the masseuse will allow this to take place unless you specifically ask for it not to happen. The goal of a tantric massage is not the orgasm. The On the other hand, if you are not able to have an orgasm, then please be aware, that there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever. The masseuse is there for you, using her skill to ensure that your experience is most amazing regardless of whether you have an orgasm or not.

What is a lingam massage?

Lingam is Sanskrit for penis. In Tantra the penis is known as the wand of light, and is highly respected in the tantric culture. The lingam massage then, is the massage of the penis. This is carried out most skillfully and sensuously, and it is an absolutely amazing sensation.

What personal information do you need?

We need your full name and your phone number and mobile preferably. We will also need either your full address or hotel with your room number. If using a credit card we will need an imprint and check your photo ID. Any information you give us is used for the purpose of the appointment and discarded after the booking, we guarantee discretion and none of this information is passed on to anyone other than your chosen masseuse on the day.

Can I touch the masseuse?

Yes you can touch the masseuse, although we recommend that you will get a lot more from the massage if you just allow her to do what she does best and not interfere with the flow of energy she directs towards you and you may be pleasantly surprised. This is much more than an erotic massage and the raising of inner energy within you will be much more powerful if you can learn to totally let go. If you believe that it is important for you to reciprocate by touching the masseuse, you will be allowed to as long as it is with sensitivity.