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Erotic Massage Service in Sydney


Erotic Massage Gift




Erotic Massage Gift Vouchers, Love Coupons, Sex Coupons, Romantic gifts, Toys or whatever else you want to call them..............


Not sure what gift to give that valued client, a good friend,  that special someone or to spoil yourself? It is so hard to find that perfect, ideal gift – the sort of gift that will be remembered long after the giving. If you are looking for that memorable present for someone important to you, the kind of thing that stands out amongst  all those other nice but forgettable gifts, you are most definitely in the right place!

Here at Magic Fingers we’ve made gift giving easy and special with the perfect gift voucher. Look no further – we have the perfect gift to suit all budgets from a simple $50 contribution towards a well earned therapeutic massage all the way up to the Rolls-Royce of intimate, erotic massage packages. And if you want something a little different our staff will be happy specially customize a special massage package to suit your gift giving needs. Discover our range of 15 different erotic indulgences and spicy gift giving ideas at  www.eroticmassagefingers.com.au


Erotic Massage Love




Love coupons - Special discounts for regular valued clients!

*Book two hours in massage heaven with any one of our masseuses or masseurs and you’ll be issued with a  ''Love Coupon''  which entitles you to a complimentary 15 minutes of massage to be used the next time that you book one hour massage.


*Not valid in conjunction with other offers or discounts.


 Discover our range of 15 different erotic indulgences and spicy gift giving ideas at  www.eroticmassagefingers.com.au

WOW......A four handed massage!


Book one lady and we’ll send the second lady to you at only half price*

Spoil yourself – after a hard day what could be more appealing than having two young women pampering you, kneading those sore muscles and both teasing you with their bodies sliding against yours’ – the word erotic doesn’t even begin to describe the scene. . . but it gets better: how about paying the proper standard price for one lady and we’ll send along the second girl with her for only half price? Special offers don’t often come with this much value – indulge yourself!

*Not valid in conjunction with other offers or discounts.

*These bookings require at least 2 hours notice.


Erotic Massage Fingers Specialities


Combining an oil massage with amorous skin-to-skin contact results in a stimulating and intense experience you will find yourself remembering forever.

Tantric massage has been transformed into a totally hedonistic luxurious experience that you can enjoy for yourself today without you having to do years study meditation You deserve only the best, make sure to try a massage that incorporates a beginning as happy as the end as well.
You can request a steamy,super-soapy & totally wet full body Shower/Spa massage.

Erotic massages, for connoisseurs of the sensual, have never been more exciting. Allow yourself to indulge in any of these mentioned styles as we have many ladies that are trained in differing styles.

Perhaps you would really like to indulge and try our sexiest massage treatment, the Nuru Elite – slippery and sexy nude exotic Japanese massage fun for you.

We believe you deserve the very best. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate luxury massage available in Sydney: with the aim of relaxing your mind, increasing overall feeling of well- being and boosting your energy with our graceful, personal and intimate touches.

Magic Fingers provide a full range of sensual massage experiences for your total relaxation. We specialise in providing the most lavish sensual & erotic massages. For a sneak peak of Nuru Massage take a look @ link http://vimeo.com/49493781

This could be you!

Massage therapy has become an important part of general health care,stress relief & a way to deal with sexual tension for many people living in today's fast paced world. 
Traditional healthcare systems throughout the world recognize that therapeutic massage can play an important role in treating illness & chronic ailments, contribute to a higher sense of general well-being. This cleanses your body of waste products that can cause fatigue and muscle soreness, promoting deep and restful sleep. Many people find that massage helps with accomplishing a full night's rest.

Massage therapy helps the body and mind relax and is a great way to unwind and end a hectic day.

Massage assists with the release of natural endorphins that reduce pain & promote that ‘feel-good factor’. Is a great way to stimulate the nervous system, lowering the pulse, regulating breathing and, in general, just ‘chilling you out’!  
Massage can assist in the breakdown of scar tissue improving your blood circulation which speeds up the elimination of waste products which in effect promotes self healing.

The benefitsof sensual massage are too numerous to mention.
Not only are its benefits natural and drug free, they are beneficial to the
holistic being. Physical, psychological, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits
are in abundance. Sexual energy is a potent force in regard to our health,
intimate relationships and spirituality, but the extent of this is rarely realized.      Massage therapy is one of the oldest recognized methods of healing.
Massage improves body circulation by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to our
body tissues. It can relieve pain in general, as well as also relieve muscle
tension and pain, increase mobility and flexibility. Sexual tension in our
bodies can also add to the stress levels and day to day functionality. We all
want to be happy, healthy and stress free. Sensual massage ticks all the boxes.

Sacred Oils, Aromatherapy


Our Masseuses are proud to announce the use of the all new specialized blended
oils. Incorporating aromatherapy with your massage is healing. Aromatherapy
uses essential oils that are thought to have healing properties. These oils are
the concentrated essences taken from the flowers, fruit, seeds, leaves and bark
of certain plants. The use of these blends in your sensual massage not only has
powerful physical, emotional and mental effects but it is also described as a
great relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Each individual masseuse will have
a tailor made scented oil that is for their bliss, contributing to your bliss!

"Erotic Massage Fingers" helps you discover how easy it is to have a beautiful masseuse/masseur in privacy at your door in Sydney within minutes, fully prepared with everything they need to offer you a 5 star sensual massage.
This is often considered much more pleasurable than visiting another location.
You don’t need to rush out afterwards and can just unwind in your own surroundings. It also allows for a more effective massage session when you can relax on your own for a while after the massage itself. If you, like us, love to enjoy the company of the tantalizing and classy, you will adore the experience of an intoxicating and intricately orchestrated blend of sultry body to body massage. Your fully naked masseuse will stroke your body with theirs with wanton body-sliding and intimate and devoted techniques to create a truly exceptional and arousing experience for you.

Should you decide to see one of our masseuses/masseurs for two hours or more we can put together a special package for you and present you with a bottle of complimentary champagne.

Hot offer - Return custom discount! Book a massage with the
masseuse or masseur of your choice and every time thereafter that you book that
same masseuse or masseur, we will give you a 5% discount or a complimentary bottle of champagne.

*Not valid in conjunction with other offers or discounts.

*These bookings require at least 2 hours notice.




Is the G-Spot just a myth?


Q: “I am trying to locate my partner’s G-Spot but I’m having a little trouble. Is the G-Spot just a myth?”

A: Believe it or not, there was an article on BBC not too long ago, claiming that the G-Spot “doesn’t appear to exist.”

If you’ve ever seen how women respond when you stimulate their G-Spot, you will find that claim as hysterical as I do – I can only conclude that the scientist who wrote that paper not only made a fool out of himself by publicly proclaiming that he is unable to pleasure women, but also that he needs to get laid more… a lot more.

Yes, the G-Spot does exist – anatomically speaking it is the female equivalent of the prostate; just like the clitoris is the female equivalent of the penis.

It can be found inside the vagina, and you can easily reach it with your middle finger. It becomes engorged when a woman is aroused, and stimulating it can cause female ejaculation.

Just like with the clitoris, different women like to have their G-Spot stimulated in different ways. Some like it when you move your finger in a circular motion, others prefer a quick back-and-forth from left to right, and some like a gentle come-hither motion.

The possibilities are endless, and you will have to find out what she likes best by trying a few different things and seeing how she responds. It’s also a good idea to ask her!

Communication is always a winner in any relationship.

In the end of the day, however, this isn’t as much about technique as it is about psychologically stimulating a woman by being a strong man who takes the lead.

Simon Pertenko is a sex and relationship psychologist





Sexy Massage Arousal




Massage With Happy Ending





Tantric Nude  Massage Adults Only



Prostate Massage




Male G Spot Prostate Milking





I’m a happily married man. My wife and I are in agreement on the matter of fidelity – sex, or rather sexual intercourse with others, and ‘affairs of the heart’ (either with or without sexual intercourse) are the big ‘no-no’ in our relationship. Because of this limited sexual freedom and the trust that we extend to each other, we both believe we have one of the healthiest and certainly one of the happiest marriages that we know.

I’ve recently been promoted to a sales position that does require that I travel. Unfortunately I’m probably away from my family for about two of every four weeks.I guess that I’m a ‘touchy-feely’ type of person so I’ve got to admit that one of the things that I miss most is the human contact and interaction that I have with my family. Business travel can be a lonely experience once the working day is over.

One evening, a few weeks ago when I was visiting Sydney, I found myself wandering aimlessly around the Circular Quay area. I was people watching I guess – and couples who held hands and were so obviously hot for each other particularly held my attention and made me miss my beautiful wife all the more. I sat down in a coffee shop and ordered a coffee. I noticed an abandoned local newspaper so picked it up and idly flicked through as I sipped my espresso.

When I reached the classified section, the bold heading of an advert caught my eye: “Magic Fingers”. Suddenly I felt a bit brighter. I dialed the number on my mobile and a soft, feminine voice answered. I enquired as to the price and what the service included. I was quoted only $280 for the hour plus a small travel fee to cover the masseuse’s cab fare to my hotel. I didn’t hesitate and gave my hotel name and room number and requested that the receptionist send out her first available lady.I hurriedly paid for my coffee and practically ran back to my hotel. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Once I’d reached my suite, I hurriedly tore off my clothes and jumped into the shower. Ten minutes later I was comfortably dressed in my bathrobe and pouring myself a glass of red wine when I heard a knock at the door. I felt the excitement of a teenager as I hurried over to answer it. A stunning brunette with creamy, light olive skin, green eyes and the curvy hourglass type figure of a renaissance model stepped inside and introduced herself as Athena.

As I handed her the glass of water my excitement was palpable. It felt like an age since I’d had any physical contact with another person and I could feel myself almost hyperventilating under her gaze.‘Relax’, she ordered gently as she patted the bed, indicating where she’d like me to lie. Somehow I managed to get my bathrobe off and lie face down on the bed without letting her see that I was already hard with anticipation. She straddled my naked body and made herself comfortable on my rump then started kneading the tension from my shoulders and back with her strong, warm, oil covered hands.

Now that I lay on my back, she covered her hands and the front of both of our bodies liberally in talcum powder. This time she straddled my thighs, then leaned forward and used her breasts lightly and so sensually to brush against me, kind of massaging me with just those gloriously immense breasts of hers. I strained upwards for more of that light, feathery contact against her skin. After only about ten minutes of this tease, I whispered to her that I could take no more. With a naughty smile, she allowed me to press my face into her womanly chest. As I suckled, I know I heard Athena’s breath catch in her throat and saw surprise on her face as she felt her own lust. She pulled away and moved down my body, finally settling herself in between my thighs. With oiled breasts and hands, she used that magnificent chest of hers in place of her hands to stimulate me. Watching the sight of her, and the sensation it was creating, was enough for me to reach heaven and come floating gently back down as she still
massaged me gently with expertise.


Knowing I was still in a state of bliss she headed off to the bathroom and I was thinking maybe she was going to shower. Athena then appeared again, scooped up my glass of red wine, and gently led me to the bath she was drawing for me. I lowered myself in the warm water and she then bathed me while the water ran over my still tingling skin, all the while I was sipping my wine.The whole experience was otherworldly and I don’t think I have ever slept better than I did that night after she left. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Athena, I don’t think it needs to be said that I will want to experience that again
















 Prostate Massage Erotic Experience

 Recently, one of my drinking buddies at the pub confessed to me that he enjoyed being anally penetrated, and he claimed that orgasms via prostate massage were by far more intense than the regular orgasms. I was intensely curious to know about this prostate massage, and if I’m honest with myself I’m kind of turned on by the thought.

Quite by fluke, a few days later whilst web surfing I stumbled across a massage advert that described the various styles and forms of massage that they had on offer – and one of those massages was for prostate stimulation. I decided to do a little background research. It would appear that I’m not the only man who is far from familiar with his own prostate. My research showed that it seems to be essentially the male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot, and far, far easier to find and if massaged correctly, leads to incredibly intense orgasms. My mates and I are pretty conservative – the idea of exploring this area is taboo for most of us. As I browsed the web site of Magic Fingers, I came across reviews of the massages offered – and reading these were the push I needed to throw caution to the wind!

The very next weekend I booked a city hotel room, rang Magic Fingers and organised to have a masseuse at my door within 45 minutes. True to their promise and on time I heard a light tap at my hotel room door. A stunning, curvy young woman walked in and introduced herself as Cara. She refused my offer of a glass of wine and asked to use the bathroom. In less than 10 minutes, Cara opened the bathroom door and signalled for me to enter. She had lit about half a dozen scented candles and the atmosphere of my large en-suite was steamy and the light was softened. She had run a hot bubble bath. We both climbed into bath and after a few minutes of just soaking, chitchat and me playing with her firm EE boobs, she reached over and began to soap my back and entire body with long and slippery but firm strokes. Still massaging me with one hand, I noticed that her other hand had moved and was gently massaging and teasing the area around my anus. Once I had got used to the sensation I found myself straining towards her probing fingers but only when she felt I was ready and relaxed enough did Cara start to explore inside me with two well lubricated fingers. With each thrust of her hand, she pushed ever deeper inside me. All of a sudden I felt a deep shudder and realised that I was on the brink what promised to be an explosive orgasm. Waves of intense pleasure seemed to rack my body over and over. Cara kept her fingers deep within me and I could literally feel my prostate gland pulsating slightly under her touch with my every roll of pleasure. And finally, just when I felt I could take no more, I shuddered, arched my back and ejaculated over my fist and belly.

Yes, those urban myths are true – it was fabulous and so intense – perhaps the best orgasm that I’ve ever had! And for an added bonus, I mentioned the prostate massage to my doctor recently, and he quite confidently said it is one of the few pleasurable things in this life that is actually good for you - the stimulation of this gland apparently gets rid of the excess build up of semen and relieves pressure from the area.  And I’ve got to add here that Cara is a gorgeous woman, and great company – she provided me with excellent service and most importantly of all, she certainly knew her stuff. And I know better than to ignore my doctor – I’ll be seeing Cara again in the near future!--------------